1The in-house developed and manufactured on load tap changer (OLTC) is featured with integrated design, liquid (transformer oil) insulation and transition resistors. It is used to change transformer taps under workload and adjust the output voltage. It is very essential to maintain the system voltage within prescribed limits for the better health of electrical equipment’s by improving the quality of power supply. The product, a high speed resistor type is designed for use in 3 Phase distribution and Power grid transformers.




  • Simple Geneva device operating mechanism
  • Top quality components that ensure reliable performance
  • Several features are incorporated within the mechanism to promote long service intervalsand reliability.
  • Economy in design
  • Solid wiping contact used to control the surface film on the contact.
  • Draw out / Replaceable type electrical control wiring
  • Tap changers are type tested as per IS 8468/1977.
  • Our OLTC have reasonably sized side flange, so that we can replace entire power switch components without dismantling the OLTC from the transformer.
  • Our OLTC tanks are sand blasted and powder coated to 100 micron thickness so that they are scratch proof and long lasting.
  • Compact size reduces overall space requirements in transformer to ensure cost effective solutions.
  • The design and manufacture of equipment is subject to constant improvement



1 GK11L9 11KV-200A, 9  – Pos. Linear
2 GK11L17 11KV-200A, 17 – Pos. Linear
3 GK33L9 33KV-200A, 9 – Pos. Linear
4 GK33L17 33KV-200A, 17 – Pos. Linear
5 GK33CF17 33KV-200A, 17 – Pos. Coarse Fine/Reverser