opticalGK Power presents its Optical Current Transformer as an alternative to the existing conventional current
transformers, providing an advanced measurement solution for both metering and protection applications, based on a cutting-edge patented optical sensing technology. Some of the main features of our optical current transformer are:

  • Broad bandwidth, capable of measuring both AC and DC currents up to the 100th harmonic and above.
  • IEC 60044-8 Class 0.2 metering accuracy.
  • Unlimited dynamic range.
  • IEC 61850-9-2 LE compliant output with no merging unit required.
  • Smaller size and lighter weight.
  • Maintenance-free and longer life-span.
  • Provides explosive failure mode prevention and open secondary protection.
  • Solid insulation. No SF6 gas or oil is required. Environmentally-friendly.