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Numerical Delta-I Protection Relay – GKIZR & GKIZ2

Backup Protection to Feeder and Over voltage Protection 

GKIZR and GKIZ2 are dedicated delta – I protection relays perfectly aligned for protection, control, measurement, and supervision of the overhead lines. In the event of a fault, it must be prevented from spreading to healthy parts of the network, and the location of the fault has to be identified to ensure safety for everyone. 

GK Power, an RDSO-approved leading manufacturer in India, offers a numerical Delta-I protection relay at the industry’s latest technology. Enhanced safety by reducing hazards with safety-conscious testing of IEC 60255-1, IEC 60255-26, and IEC 60255-27, this relay unleashes its own full potential of working in hard environments with ingress protection of IP54.


Delta-I protection for overhead lines of 25 kV and 2X25 kV systems for Indian Railways with respect to the below specification


Protection Function

  • Delta-I Protection
  • Delta-Z Protection
  • Backup Distance Protection
  • Breaker Fail Protection
  • Trip Circuit Supervision

Product benefits

  • Our relays are available with selectable communication protocols such as IEC 61850 and IEC 60870-5-103 for SCADA communication through RS485 and RJ45 ports available on the rear side.
  • 50 cycles of actual waveform are stored in the built-in memory with date-time stamping for fault analysis.
  • Self-diagnostic feature for continuous monitoring of the internal hardware and alarm generation in case of failure of any critical components.
  • Ready to install at 25 kV Traction Transformer, 2×25 kV Scott connected and V connected Transformer & Feeder Panels at TSS

Product features

  • Drawout design
  • 20 x 4 LCD Alpha Numeric Display with back light Control and 10 Status Indication LEDs.
  • 5 Keys for Settings and navigation, Individual key for Read/Record, LED Reset and Hardware Reset