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V-Connected Transformer Protection Control & Relay Panel

Providing All-in-one protection for advanced  and reliable rail transportation system

GKCRP is a dedicated Transformer Protection Control and Relay Panel perfectly aligned for protection, control, measurement, and supervision of the 2×25 kV V-Connected Traction Transformer and its corresponding several feeder lines. 

V-connected transformers, which are more cost-efficient than Scott-connected Transformers also handle the frequency of trains to a particular limit. 

With the whole pack of electrical equipment, such as numerical relays, electro-mechanical relays, an annoyator, indication lamps, push buttons, semaphores, and blocks, it serves as the protection house of the transformer. It also offers integration with numerical relays operating on IEC 60870-5-103 and IEC 61850 while providing a single interface point for SCADA communication.

GK Power, an RDSO-approved leading manufacturer in India, offers a 2x25kV control and relay panel at the industry’s latest technology. With our highly qualified engineers and well-equipped manufacturing facility, we focus on innovation and customized design in every aspect of the protection solution.

GK Power, RDSO approved leading manufacturer in India offers a 2x25kV Control and relay Panel at industry’s latest Technologies. With the High Qualified Engineers and Well-Equipped Manufacturing Facility we focus on Innovation and Customized Design in every edge of the Protection Solution.


Used for protection, control, measurement, and monitoring of V-connected transformers and feeder lines of 2×25 kV systems for Indian Railways with respect to the below specification


Product benefits

  • Precise Protection Logic Diagrams to Understand the Overall Scheme at First Glance
  • DC supervision from the start to the end of the circuit.
  • Convenient installation and deployment at the customer site
  • There is provision for expansion on both sides.

Product features

  • Duplex design with central corridor access for better arrangement.
  • Protection against Climate and Insects with IP 52 Ingress Protection.
  • Anti-Corrosion Treatment Powder Coating with Industrial Standard Siemens Grey RAL 7032.
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