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Transformer Repair & Overhauling

GK Expertise provides expert transformer repair and Overhauling services in Chennai and throughout India, such as installation, maintenance, and testing services throughout the complete transformer life cycle, from commissioning to recycling, for all brands and kinds of transformers. Also, we supply all sorts of accessories required for transformers, like MOG, OSR, control panels, relays, LV/MV shields, breathers, and so on. we will work with you to identify your transformer needs and provide the best solution for it.

Transformer Service

Our Transformer Services

  • Transformer Manufacturing
  • Transformer Testing and Commissioning
  • Transformer Repair & Overhauling
  • Supply of Transformer Accessories and Spare Parts
  • Rewinding and reconditioning of transformers 
  • Fault diagnosis and solutions
  • Major repairs, including the replacement of the winding
  • Complete retrofitting of new windings
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Transformer maintenance (AMC)
  • Purify or replace the transformer oil.
  • Fix transformer oil leak arresting.
  • Open inspection of Core Coil Assembly (CCA)
  • Transformer Oil Passivation and Oil replacement
  • Replacement of Diaphragm on existing transformers.
  • Repair and replacement of faulty parts on transformers
  • Oil sampling and Oil analysis.
  • Transformer re-painting with epoxy coating
  • Replacement of air cell bags (Flexi separators) in conservator
  • Troubleshooting of RTCC panel parallel operation.
  • Repair and replacement of circuit tap switches.
  • Complete overhauling of the transformer at site
  • Transformer Rental Service