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Smart Grid

A smart grid is an electricity network that utilizes digital technologies to monitor and manage the transport of electricity from all generation sources to meet the satisfy the shifting power needs of end-clients and better match the supply and demand of electricity in real time while minimizing costs and maintaining the stability and reliability of the grid. Smart grids coordinate the requirements and capabilities of all generators, grid operators, end-users, and electricity market partners to operate all parts of the system as effectively as could be expected, minimizing costs and environmental impacts while maximizing system reliability, resilience, and stability.

Our Smart Grid Services
  • Advance Smart Grid Solution & implementation
  • Automation & Networking
  • Information Technology implementation
  • Operation & Maintenance of Smart Grid
  • IEC 61850 Implementation

Grid Automation 

Assets Monitoring
Protection Relays
Automation and Control
Substation Solutions
Automation and Protection Services