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Numerical Auto Transformer Protection Relay 

Next-Gen Protection and control of Auto transformer

The GK87 series are dedicated transformer protection relays perfectly aligned for protection, control, measurement, and supervision of single-phase and three-phase transformers. Transformers are high-capital-cost assets in electrical power systems. In cases of mechanical faults, it must be indicated for scheduling preventive maintenance.

GK Power, an RDSO-approved leading manufacturer in India, offers a numerical differential protection relay at the industry’s latest technology. Enhanced safety by reducing hazards with safety-conscious testing of IEC 60255-1, IEC 60255-26, and IEC 60255-27, this relay unleashes its own full potential of working in hard environments with ingress protection of IP54.


Differential protection for overhead lines of 25 kV and 2X25 kV systems for Indian Railways with respect to the below specification Specification


Protection Function

  • Differential Protection
  • Buchholz Trip
  • Oil Temperature Trip
  • Winding Temperature Trip
  • PRD Trip

Product benefits

  • Our relays are available with selectable communication protocols such as IEC 61850 and IEC 60870-5-103 for SCADA communication through RS485 and RJ45 ports available on the rear side.
  • 50 cycles of actual waveform are stored in the built-in memory with date-time stamping for fault analysis.
  • Self-diagnostic feature for continuous monitoring of the internal hardware and alarm generation in case of failure of any critical components.
  • Ready to install at 25 kV Traction Transformer, 2×25 kV Scott Connected, and V Connected Transformer at TSS

Product features

  • Withdraw-able type Flushmounted
  • 20 x 4 LCD Alpha Numeric Display with Backlight Control and 10 Status Indication LEDs.
  • 5 Keys for Settings and Navigation, Individual Keys for Read/Record, LED Reset, and Hardware Reset