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Traction Protection

We are the manufacturer of the Traction Protection Numerical Relay, Control and Relay Panel in India. Our traction protection Numerical relay, control, and relay panels are used in many industries for electric system work, such as substations, transformers, feeder lines of railroads, and more. We have our own manufacturing unit for numerical relay, control and relay panels and supply them all over India.

Manufactures of all railway needs Traction Protection Numerical Relay, Control and Relay Panels

GK Expertise is a manufacturer of control and relay panels for traction protection such as the Scott Connected Transformer Panel, V-Connected Transformer Panel, Sectioning Post Auto Transformer Panel, Sub-Sectioning Post Auto Transformer Panel, Capacitor Bank Panel, and Feeder Panel. 25kV Transformer Panel. and Numerical Relays such as AC DC Supervision, Capacitor Bank Protection, Delta-I Protection, Feeder Protection, OC/REF Protection, Panto Flashover Protection, Auto Transformer Protection, and Transformer Differential Protection for railway traction substations .

We manufacture numerical relays for traction protection, such as AC DC Supervision Relay, Capacitor Bank Protection Relay, Delta-I Protection Relay, Feeder Protection Relay, OC/REF Protection Relay, and Panto Flashover Protection Relay, Auto Transformer Protection Relay, Transformer Differential Protection Relay.

We are RDSO-approved and provide customized-design numerical relays and control relay panels for all traction protection systems in India. 

control and relay panel

Some of our Control and Relay Panel Products

s connected transformer protection control and relay panel
Scott Connected Transformer Panel
V- Connected Transformer Protection Control and Relay Panel
V- Connected Transformer Panel
sectioning post auto transformer panel
Sectioning Post Auto Transformer Panel
sub sectioning post auto transformer panel
Sub Sectioning Post Auto Transformer Panel

Some of our Numerical Relay Products