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Protection Relay Testing

Numerical Protection Relays ensure the safety of an electrical system, protect equipment, and provide operators with vital diagnostic information. At GK Expertise, we offer top-notch protection relay testing services in India. Our relay testing includes bench testing, commissioning testing, and maintenance. Also, we provide relay test kit rental services.

We offer our clients a testing service for all kinds of electromechanical and numerical protection relays. We have a Universal Relay Test Set and Commissioning Tool, powerful three-phase relay testing, primary injection, secondary injection, and a basic protection test set to carry out testing on all types of relays.

What is involved in relay testing?
  • Visual inspection of the relay, and all connection points checked for tightness
  • Control function (i.e. opening and closing of circuit breaker)
  • Protection functions and trip times
  • Logic functions
  • Relay binary and analogue
  • Relay inputs/outputs
  • Insulation resistance testing
  • Primary & Secondary injection testing
relay testing service in india

Utilize our protection testing solutions for conducting the following tests:

Omicron CMC 356 (VE002831) Relay Test Set
3-Phase relay test kit for distribution grids
Omicron CMC 353
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Primary injection, secondary injection and basic protection test set
Omicron COMPANO 100
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Omicron CMC 356
Universal Relay Test Set and Commissioning Tool
Omicron CMC 356 (VE002831)
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