Testing & Commissioning

Substation Testing & Commissioning

GK Expertise is a leading electrical Substation testing and commissioning service company in Chennai, India. We provides installation, testing, and commissioning services to power utility companies here in India, our team of professionals gives us the competitive edge to be your ideal partner in all your power utility challenges. The general objective of installation, testing, and commissioning is to confirm that the facility meets the design plan’s aim and requirements. In other words, the facility is functioning on its expectation working condition and capability.

Testing & Commissioning of Substation/Switchyard up to 765KV
  • Power Transformer
  • Instrument Transformer
  • Reactor
  • SF6 Breaker
  • All primary Equipment
  • Lighting Arrestor
  • Isolator
  • ICT
  • Substation Testing & Commissioning