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SCADA for Traction & Non Traction systems for Indian Railways:

Traction substations are constrained by Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems, which also provide power for auxiliary techniques such as signaling and different trackside purposes. GK Expertise provides top-notch protection and automation systems all around the electrified industries in India. We have more experience in 25 KV and 2X25 KV transmission SCADA networks, including analog-based transmission networks, and the latest IP-based network infrastructure between all sites.

SCADA for Indian Railways offers several advantages, including, but not limited to, monitoring and controlling multiple posts in a particular section from a central site, as well as the extraction of disturbance records from protection relays from a central site for fault analysis. Various reports and trends are available, which help the user easily analyze the behavior of network systems.

SCADA for Traction systems for Indian Railways
At GK Expertise, our seasoned engineers are dedicated to excellence. Specializing in protection, control, and automation within substations, we guarantee the flawless functioning of essential infrastructure using our substation services, such as automation, maintenance, testing, and commissioning.
Our Substation Service Includes :
  • Testing and Commissioning
  • Automation
  • Maintenance

Substation Testing and Commissioning

GK Expertise has extensive experience in substation testing and commissioning services. We can work all across the voltage levels, from medium to high voltage substations. We have our own advanced testing equipment and professional engineers with high expertise in electrical engineering, power engineering, protection, and control systems.

Substation Automation

A substation automation system monitors and controls electrical system hardware and software components both locally and remotely. At GK Expertise, we lead the industry in grid and substation automation services that keep your assets safe and secure. 

Substation Maintenance

GK Expertise provides top-notch substation repair and equipment operation maintenance services such as inspection, cleaning, and repair of transformers, motors, circuit breakers, batteries, transmission lines, etc. and measuring equipment condition. Check the oil and insulation liquid levels. Correct torque settings.

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