10 Difference between Electromechanical Relay and Numerical Relay

S.NoElectro Mechanical RelayNumerical Relay
1No programmableProgrammable
2The reliability is exceptionally lowHigher reliability
4Single protectionMulti Protection
5Can’t be used for SCADA or substation automation systemCompatible to deal with substation automation or SCADA system
6Periodically maintenance requiredNot required periodic service and adjustment
7No feature for data storageCan accumulate a large amount of data
8Larger SizeCompact Size
9Plug and dial setting is done by mechanical Setting values are done by keypad or computer system
10Flags, targets are used for a for a visual signDigitalized by using an analog to digital conversion mechanism

An electromechanical relay is a switch that utilizes an electromagnetic coil to open or close electrical contacts, giving control and isolation in different systems.

Numerical relays are programmable, where the qualities and conduct can be modified. They are fundamentally a device utilized for estimating electric parameters in an electrical network and convert them into mathematical information (numerical data) which goes through numerical and logical analysis to settle on tripping an electrical network.

numerical relay vs electromechanical relay

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