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Power Grid Automation

Types of Grid Automation

  • Asset Monitoring
  • Protection Relays
  • Automation & Control
  • Advanced Automation Systems
  • Substation Solutions
  • Communications
  • Automation & Protection Services
  • Grid Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Solutions

Grid Asset Monitoring

An asset monitoring system in the electrical industry is a means to track and control substations and electrical grid equipment such as transformers, transmission lines, motors, and so on. detect and diagnose issues, and provide expert information and services to the customers. 

Protection Relays

Protection Relays is used in generators to transmission lines and motor for control and automation applications such as detect and stop dangerous currents, voltages, resistance or temperatures.

Industrial Automation & Control

Automation & Control Systems provides monitor and control, protection, and communication capabilities, an electrical system, both locally and remotely in Industries.

Advanced Automation Systems

Advanced Automation Systems used in power generation, transmission, distribution, renewables, and energy concentrated industries such as metals, oil & gas and mining industry from from plan and approval of the system to execution of the site establishment, testing and commissioning.

Substation Solutions

Substation Solutions includes implementing and managing a substation power generation, transmission, and distribution lines.


Industrial communications solutions include a broad range of high quality industrial wireless routers and modems, relays, Control & relay panels, Energy meters, cellular 4G & 5G and LTE routers, and gateways.

Automation & Protection Services

Automation & Protection Services includes electrical plan, design, operate, maintenance, and modernize protection, control, observing and automation systems.

Grid Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Solutions

Grid Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Solutions are efficient maintenance, upgrades and replacement strategy for primary and secondary substation or grid equipment. EAM contains both asset operations and predict asset behavior.

Smart Grid

Electrical Engineering Designing

Industrial Automation

At GK Expertise, our seasoned engineers are dedicated to excellence. Specializing in protection, control, and automation within substations, we guarantee the flawless functioning of essential infrastructure using our substation services, such as automation, maintenance, testing, and commissioning.
Our Substation Service Includes :
  • Testing and Commissioning
  • Automation
  • Maintenance

Substation Testing and Commissioning

GK Expertise has extensive experience in substation testing and commissioning services. We can work all across the voltage levels, from medium to high voltage substations. We have our own advanced testing equipment and professional engineers with high expertise in electrical engineering, power engineering, protection, and control systems.

Substation Automation

A substation automation system monitors and controls electrical system hardware and software components both locally and remotely. At GK Expertise, we lead the industry in grid and substation automation services that keep your assets safe and secure. 

Substation Maintenance

GK Expertise provides top-notch substation repair and equipment operation maintenance services such as inspection, cleaning, and repair of transformers, motors, circuit breakers, batteries, transmission lines, etc. and measuring equipment condition. Check the oil and insulation liquid levels. Correct torque settings.

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