10 Difference between Electromechanical Relay and Numerical Relay

electromechanical and numerical relays difference

Edit S.No Electro Mechanical Relay Numerical Relay 1 No programmable Programmable 2 The reliability is exceptionally low Higher reliability 3 Inflexible Flexible 4 Single protection Multi Protection 5 Can’t be used for SCADA or substation automation system Compatible to deal with substation automation or SCADA system 6 Periodically maintenance required Not required periodic service and […]

Power Grid Automation

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Types of Grid Automation Grid Asset Monitoring An asset monitoring system in the electrical industry is a means to track and control substations and electrical grid equipment such as transformers, transmission lines, motors, and so on. detect and diagnose issues, and provide expert information and services to the customers.  Protection Relays Protection Relays is used […]

Protection Relays

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What is a Protection Relays Protection relays are used to protect the device once a fault is detected within a circuit and to help detect and stop dangerous currents, voltages, resistances, or temperatures. Types of Protection Relays and Uses The Protection Relays include various models for various applications including Protection Relay Uses Wherever electricity is […]