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Numerical Relays

Numerical relay manufacturers in India

Welcome to GK Expertise, one of the leading Railway RDSO Approved electrical 25 KV and 2X25 KV power traction protection numerical relay manufacturers in India . We design, manufacture, and supply various kinds of generator, transformer, line, bus, and feeder electrical power protection numerical relays, and our manufactured relays are supplied all over India and abroad.

At GK Expertise, we understand the critical role relays play in ensuring the reliable and efficient protection of electricity. Our relays are designed to efficiently protect electricity between different voltage levels, helping to meet the power demands of residential, commercial, and industrial sectors.

We specialize in designing and producing high-quality relays that are built to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Our commitment to greatness, cutting edge technology, and superior craftsmanship has made us a trusted in name in the business.

Traction Protection Relay

We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of numerical integrated overcurrent relays for 25 kV railway traction applications in India. Our numerical protection relay manufacturing unit is located in Chennai, India. We design, manufacture, and supply all numerical protection relays, such as transformer protection relays, capacitor bank relays, feeder protection relays, tripping relays, auxiliary relays, OC and REF protection relays, auto transformer relays, phase failure relays, traction relays, TSS protection relays and so on.

GK Expertise – Numerical Protection Relays

numerical delta i protection relay
Delta I Protection Relay
numerical oc and ref-protection-relay
OC & REF Protection Relay
numerical auto transformer protection relay
Auto Transformer Relay
capacitor bank protection testing
Capacitor Bank Relay
numerical ac dc supervision relay
AC DC Supervision Relay
Numerical Panto Flashover Relay
Panto Flashover Relay
numerical differential protection relay
Differential Protection Relay
numerical feeder protection relay
Feeder Protection Relay