Transformer Repair And Overhauling

GK Power Expertise, We offer a wide range of transformer repair and overhauling services in India, we will work with you to identify your transformer needs and provide the best solution for it.

Our Transformer Services
  • Purify or replace the transformer oil.
  • Fix transformer oil leak arresting.
  • Open inspection of Core Coil Assembly (CCA)
  • Transformer Oil Passivation and Oil replacement
  • Replacement of Diaphragm on existing transformers.
  • Repair and replacement of faulty parts on transformers
  • Oil sampling and Oil analysis.
  • Transformer re-painting with epoxy coating
  • Replacement of air cell bags (Flexi separators) in conservator
  • Transformer Testing and Commissioning Troubleshooting of RTCC panel parallel operation.
  • Repair and replacement of circuit tap switches.
  • Complete overhauling of the transformer at site
Transformer Repair And Overhauling